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Click here to view Clampdown Sheet PDFThe patented Quick-Fit™ design uses a barrel-type clamp to attach two rolled edges of ducting together. A specially designed gasket inside the clamp seals the joint tightly.

Installers simply and quickly clamp each piece together without any special tools; the telescoping Quick-Fit adjustable nipple eliminates precise measurements.

Click here to view the Quick-Fit 2 min. Video

Quick-Fit is used to convey dozens of industrial dusts, mists fumes and smokes.

In the Nordfab Product Installations document, you will find 27+ pages of applications for Nordfab clamp-together ducting. You can print the entire document or only the pages needed.

Quick-Fit is used to convey dozens of materialsUse the link below to download the Product Installations document.