Nordfab Ducting in the Grain Industry

Nordfab ducting at a grain facilityThere are many requirements for dust collection in the processing of grain, including during such operations as: receiving, cleaning, venting at intermediate bin storage, conveying, and loading to trucks, railcars, or barges / ships.

Nordfab’s Quick-Fit™ ducting in standard-duty gauges (18 to 22 gauge) has long been used in dust collection systems in a broad range of industries, including the grain industry, because it is modular, easy to put together or take apart, and because it is re-useable and easy to relocate.

Nordfab also offers XD Ducting in heavier duty gauges (14 and 12 gauge), providing an excellent solution for dust collection systems in the grain industry where dust being conveyed in the duct may be highly abrasive.

XD ducting in 14 gauge galvanized steel construction is available in sizes from 8″ to 24″ diameter with Quick-Fit™ rolled ends for fast clamp-together installation. 14 gauge XD ductwork is also available with flanged ends in sizes from 8″ to 40″ diameter.

Ducting in 12 gauge construction is available in sizes from 8″ to 40″ with flanged ends.

Why Use Nordfab XD?

It fits tough applications

XD Ducting products - pipe, transition, elbow, branchThe XD line’s extra durable construction—12 or 14 gauge galvanized steel with fully welded seams—makes it ideal for applications where material conveyed in the dust collection line is highly abrasive.

It provides superior resistance to air/dust leakage

Plasma welds on straight duct and solid welds on fittings provide for a virtually leak-free ducting line. Elimination of air leakage makes a dust collection system more efficient, saving on energy costs. Traditional heavy-gauge duct pipe is seamed via rivets or lock-form – neither of these methods provides a good seal.

You can purchase all ductwork from a Single Source

Only one purchase order is required to obtain ducting for the entire dust collection system, from standard duty gauges to heavy duty gauges. Contact Nordfab to get contact information for your local dealer.

Quality Assurance

Nordfab is ISO 9001 certified so you are guaranteed to always get the same high product quality.