Who uses Nordfab Quick-Fit ducting?

Nordfab QF Ducting
Nordfab’s ducting is used in a wide variety of industries and commercial settings. It can be used in most dust collection systems — almost anywhere there is a dust collector, baghouse, or cyclone installed. Click the links below to see case histories and photos of installations.
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* Click here to see more Ductwork Installations. Click to see where Nordfab will demonstrate Quick-Fit at an industry tradeshow.

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Nordfab 16 gauge ducting at coatings manufacturing facilityducting attached to dust collector at ametal hardware manufacturer's plantNordfab QF Duct Installation at cabinet manufacturerNordfab ducting in weld fume collection system for ambient air
Nordfab ductwork on equipment manufacturing plant roof

Nordfab duct at dust collectors

Nordfab QF Ducting at pet food processing plant