Nordfab Ducting & Ductwork – Replacing Existing Duct with Quick Fit


Replacing Existing Ductwork with Quick-Fit

Adapts to your existing ductwork

Nordfab Easily Attaches To Existing Duct Systems

Nordfab’s Quick-Fit  attaches easily to existing duct systems with an in-cut,  tap-in or adapter.   This allows you to switch from time-consuming and inflexible flanged or spiral duct  to Quick-Fit in stages, as you make changes to your machinery or floor plan.  And once you’ve made the leap to clamp-together ductwork, all future design changes are a snap.

  • You can take apart and reconfigure parts in minutes.
  • Nordfab installs in about half the time of traditional ducting.  That means less downtime so you can get back to production.
  • Your own workers can make minor modifications themselves without special tools or skills.

In fact, our marketing data indicates that once you begin using Quick-Fit in your facility, you will be so satisfied that you have a 97 percent likelihood of using Nordfab products on your future installations.