Nordfab Ducting – Coffee Roasting Application

nordfab-duct-on-coffee-roasterExample Installation: Coffee Roasting

Company: Ambex New Harmony in Florida

Industry: Coffee Roasting

Application: Fume, vapor and heat extraction

Machines Connected: Two ports, one machine

Description of installation: Nordfab Quick-Fit was used for fume and heat extraction on the coffee roaster. The clamp-together product allows for easy cleaning, which is very important in the coffee roasting industry due to very sticky buildup.


  • IMPORTANT NOTES:Local regulations and guidelines must be considered when installing ducting; please consult with your local Authority Having Jurisdiction.
  • Users of Nordfab products are responsible for verifying that temperatures in all process ventilation components do not exceed recommendations for Nordfab products. Review our Technical Data sheets and Temperature Rating Guidelines.
  • Standard Nordfab duct is not designed for unexposed areas where double walled duct is required.
  • Nordfab duct should not be used as exhaust ducting from the afterburner.
  • Flexible ducting is not recommended for coffee roasting systems.