NordCAD Updated

NordCAD 2.0 user screenWe have updated NordCAD™, our CAD-based tool for designing Nordfab ductwork installations. This software tool allows a CAD user to place 2D illustrations of Nordfab duct components into a layout.

The latest release, NordCAD 2.0™, includes part drawings for XD Ducting – our new line of 14 gauge and 12 gauge galvanized steel duct. Users can now place these new product drawings into layouts:

•XD ductwork in 14 gauge steel with QF ends in sizes up to 24″
•XD ductwork in 14 gauge steel with flanged ends in sizes up to 48″
•XD ductwork in 12 gauge steel with flanged ends in sizes up to 48″

Learn more about XD Ducting

NordCAD 2.0 also features speed improvements plus Smart Logic to prevent users from adding a duct component that cannot be manufactured. If you are already using NordCAD, please replace your current version with NordCAD 2.0.

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NordCAD 2.0 is compatible with versions of AutoCAD 2002 to the present, including AutoCAD 2017.