NordCAD Updated to Version 3.0

NordCAD 2.0 user screenWe have updated NordCAD™, our CAD-based tool for designing Nordfab ductwork installations, to include drawings for our current pipe offering.

The latest release, NordCAD 3.0™, includes drawings for our Flanged Pipe with laser welded seams and for our new larger sizes of the Inline Spark Trap.

Learn more about why Nordfab changed all pipe offerings to construction with solid welded seams.

If you are already using NordCAD, please replace your current version with NordCAD 3.0.

NordCAD 3.0 is designed for users located in the Americas; all dimensions are in imperial units of measurement.


To download NordCAD 3.0 (as of September 2017, current version is 3.1Q):

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Once you are registered, you will receive links to download the software along with installation and user instructions. Your registration enables us to provide you with information about future updates.

This software tool allows a CAD user to place 2D illustrations of Nordfab duct components into a layout. NordCAD 3.0 is compatible with versions of AutoCAD 2002 to the present, including AutoCAD 2017.