No More Leaky Lockform!

solid-weld-pipeWe are excited to announce that we (Nordfab Ducting, Americas) will now offer Duct Pipe only with solid welded seams! As you may know, our Flanged Pipes were previously constructed with lockform seams, the seam traditionally used by many duct manufacturers for all their clamp-together duct pipe offerings.

Our testing proves lockformed seams allow a lot of leakage. Take a look at our “bubble test” video showing a comparison of lockformed seams vs. solid welded seams (first video on page).

Two big benefits of solid welded seams on pipe for end users:

  • Leakage from ductwork is greatly reduced – resulting in higher system efficiency and lower energy costs.
  • The risk of dust and contaminants leaking into the atmosphere is decreased, resulting in a safer work environment.

Solid welded seams are also an advantage when the pipe is used in applications where all or part of the dust collection system needs to be sealed — such as Oil Mist applications. Learn more about Nordfab’s solution for Oil Mist applications.

Nordfab Flanged Duct Pipe (part no. 3201) in diameters 3″ to 24″ will now have laser welded seams. (Our Flanged Duct Pipe in diameters above 24″ is constructed with plasma welded seams.)

Length Standardization

With this change in seam construction also comes a standardization in pipe length. All standard duct pipe manufactured / sold by the Nordfab US location is now 59″ long.

Prices for sizes 3″ to 24″ flanged pipe have been reduced to reflect the new length. See our updated Fall 2016 QF Ducting Catalog.