Ducting Seals With Broader Application Temperature Range

Nordfab Silicone Seals

Nordfab Ducting is now providing an additional solution for duct sealing in applications with operating temperatures consistently above 158° F, the maximum continuous service temperature rating for nitrile. In addition to ePTFE seals which have a maximum service temperature of 600° F, Nordfab is now offering silicone seals which have a maximum service temperature of 400° F.

The new silicone seals are available for Nordfab’s unique Quick-Fit™ clamps; the optional sealing will be pre-installed into clamps at the factory upon order specification.

Gaskets for flanged pipe and O-rings for Nordfab Adjustable Nipples can also be provided in the optional silicone material.

Nordfab’s seals for higher temperatures should, in many cases, be used in conjunction with our high temperature caulk. See our general temperature reference chart for more information.

Other benefits of silicone include:

• Extremely broad temperature range
• Very good low temperature properties, flexible at -60° F
• Superb resistance to weather aging and ozone