18ga and 16ga Ducting | Nordfab

Nordfab Heavy Wall Ducting
Nordfab offers some QF® duct components, including pipe, in 18ga galvanized from 4” to 24” diameters, and 16ga galvanized from 8” to 24” diameters.

Nordfab’s 18 and 16 gauge ducting is designed for projects where transporting abrasive materials are required or to meet an engineer’s specifications. It clamps together just like our standard pipe. Orders can ship in 4 to 10 days depending on order size.


  • 7” – 24” now meets SMACNA gauge requirements for class 3 duct.
  • Transports most abrasive materials
  • Quickly installs like our traditional ducting
  • Designed to meet engineering specifications for heavier gauge material

More information:

18 gauge pipe 3200-XX18

16 gauge pipe 3200-XX16

16 gauge elbows 3212 (LSB)

Tubed elbows 3214

Products Not Available in 18 gauge or 16 gauge include:
Clamps, Silencers, Ball Joints, Hose, Butterfly Valves, Bleed-in Valves, No-loss Stackheads, Sliding Access Panels, and Mist Recycler

Due to the heavier weight, hanging requirements may differ from those for standard QF products. Refer to your local building codes for acceptable hanging methods and weight requirements if suspended from the ceiling. Do not forget to allow for material buildup when calculating the weight.