Clean Air Means Healthy, Productive Workers

Clean Air with a little
help from Nordfab Ducting
Healthier air is possible

That is basically what we sell here at Nordfab Ducting. We are proud of being part of the solution for a clean (air) work environment.

Every little piece of pipe that we ship out the door, helps improve the quality for many workers Worldwide.

Laws and regulations protect workers from many kinds of hazards, but there are very few rules about indoor air quality in the workplace. However, nothing is more important to maintaining a healthy and productive workforce that can build your business for many years.

You’ll know for sure something is wrong with the air in your workplace if there’s a hazardous waste spill, a sewage or gas leak or you get a large number of employees coughing and complaining of trouble breathing, but there are other more subtle signs of bad air that you may be missing.

Workers who cough occasionally while performing their work duties are experiencing some kind or irritation. If workers consciously or subconsciously step outside at every free moment to clear their heads, lungs or eyes, they’re experiencing symptoms of bad air too. Dependable workers who suddenly start taking off more time than usual may be experiencing symptoms related to unhealthy workplace without even knowing it.

Most industrial processes  generate dust, mist and fumes, but employers are responsible for limiting the impact of airborne particles on their workers. Even if there’s no specific regulation in place, employers need to maintain clean air to nurture a cost-effective workforce and to keep from opening themselves to lawsuits.

The American Lung Association says that inadequate ventilation is one of the most common causes of indoor workplace air problems. But that can easily be corrected with adequate ducting systems like those provided by Nordfab Ducting that compliment a well-designed ventilation system to remove carcinogens and other particles from the workplace.

So why let your workers and your productivity suffer when cleaner, healthier air is possible?