Faces of Nordfab: Robert Stone

This is the fourth profile in our blog series about Nordfab employees.

Robert Stone, better known as “Stoney”, is Nordfab’s South East Inside Sales Account Manager. Along with Outside Sales Manager, Kellen Mooney, Stoney assists customers in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.

Those of us fortunate enough to know Stoney know that he is a man devoted to his job, his family, his church, and his country. He is a man who sets an example for others with his kindness and goodwill as well as his expertise. Meet Stoney.

Robert Stone

Stoney came to Nordfab Ducting in 2001 as a Welder / Fabricator, with a decade of experience in the metal fabrication industry. He was promoted to Team Leader and then Leadman before he joined the Sales department in 2013.Stoney_with_FSU_mascot

After over 20 years on the production side, he says the job change to sales was a big learning experience but considers himself a very fortunate man to have a great team of coworkers to help him. However, those coworkers would say they are the fortunate ones. His expertise with production / fabrication issues is not only of great value to his customers but also to others on the Sales team.

One of the areas that was challenging for him at first was constant use of a computer and he endured some good-natured teasing about his typing skills. He admits, “I am the fastest typist in town at the two-finger class level.”

Stoney is committed to being the best inside sales person that he possibly can be and says, “I consider those in the Southeast territory my ‘home folk’ and I try to be there for them and work fast to provide what they need.” He is so committed to his customers and his job that managers have had to remind him to go home at the end of the day. “I just can’t stand to leave something undone,” he explains. “When I am gone and the next person steps on the scene, I want my customers to say, ‘He was exactly what we needed’.

Stone-grandchildrenStone-WeddingMarried for almost 25 years, Stoney and wife Beverly have two children (Joe and Crystal) and six grandchildren. Stoney teaches an adult Sunday school class at the church his family has attended for over 15 years.

A football fan, he and his dad, “Pop”, and his son attend Friday night high school games. In the office, he takes a lot of grief about the spotted horse mascot, pictured above, that normally sits on his desk (“GO FLORIDA STATE SEMINOLES!!”, he cheers). If you haven’t seen photos of Stoney demonstrating his own quarterback skills, be sure to read about Nordfab’s unique version of a football game.

Stoney-snow-tubingHe and his wife enjoy vacationing in the mountains. It may seem an odd sentiment for a Southerner, especially one who has this much difficulty staying on a snow tube (photo at right), but he tells us, “Cold weather is my friend!”

Stoney loves fishing so whenever he finds time, he heads for a nearby lake. “My favorites are Catfishing and Crappy fishing with my Pop or with my Pastor. Here you see me in my favorite fishing hat and with the largest Crappy of the day. My pastor and I were fishing at Lake Wateree in Winnsboro, SC.”Stoney-fishing

He also loves his country and says, “I consider myself to be one of the most patriotic people that never had the honor of serving my country that you will ever meet. I love history and there is no other country that I would rather be living in.”

Stoney, we surely are glad too that this is the place you live and that you work with us at Nordfab. You make our workplace a lot more fun!