Duct For Coffee Roasting

Nordfab QF Ducting on coffee roasterCoffee roasting is the process of heating coffee beans to produce a chemical change that prepares the beans for consumption. The process produces unwanted byproducts from both the beans themselves and from the natural gas combustion used in the heating process.

Nordfab QF Roaster & Cooler Ducting

Nordfab QF Ducting at Roaster & Cooler

Coffee roasting typically consists of several steps requiring dust collection:

In the Roasting process, the bean is heated to 100 degrees centigrade and change from bright green to pale yellow in color. During this process, chaff from the skin of the bean as well as gaseous emissions from the roasting process are produced and must be vented.

Next, in Quenching, the beans are drenched with water to stop the roasting process. As the roaster reaches more than 500 degrees centigrade, the quenching process generates steam laden with small amounts of various pollutants. This steam also must be vented.

Destoner Fan Exhaust

Destoner Fan Exhaust

In the Cooling process, the beans are stirred and blasted with chilled air. Dust extraction at this step is used to remove the chaff and any other particulates.

Finally, in the Destoning process, any wastes not previously removed are separated from the coffee beans. The primary pollutant that must be collected from this process is any remaining chaff.

Large factories to small retail establishment

Large factories to small retail establishment

From large factories to small retail establishments, coffee producers around the country are requesting Nordfab’s QF ducting for installation into their dust collection / ventilation systems at all phases of the roasting process.