Faces of Nordfab: Amanda Zachary

This is the third profile in our blog series about Nordfab employees.

In March 2015, Amanda (Mandy) Zachary became Nordfab’s Central Inside Sales Account Manager. Mandy assists customers in Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and the Dakotas.

A couple years ago when Mandy started in Sales Order Entry, her bubbly personality made her instantly popular with her coworkers. In addition to her quick laughter and contagious sense of fun, we who work with her appreciate her dedication to her customers as well as her family.

Amanda Zachary

MandyMandy’s customer support duties include order acceptance and assistance, providing quotations, and responding to technical questions. She says she tries to always approach every situation with a smile and positive attitude and to be as helpful as possible, adding, “I’m very much a people person and love laughing!” She appreciates her job and the fact that every day brings new challenges, which allow her to learn continuously.

Mandy describes herself as a “Mama Bear” because she is so very protective of the family she adores. There are three children (“no idea what I’d do without them”) – her 15-year-old son whom she calls her “mini-me” because of their similarities in personality and appearance; her 12-year-old stepdaughter whom she says has taught her that family goes much deeper than blood relations; and her incredibly outgoing, always smiling two-year-old son. She laughs that her husband of five years, Brandon, knows her better than she knows herself and says, “Scary!”Mandy-Brandon

She says they are a family of beachbums, “Any chance we get to put our feet in the sand, we’re there!” Their favorite places to visit are Wilmington, NC and North Myrtle Beach, SC.

Basketball-gameMandy-with-UVA-CavalierWhile they agree on vacation destinations, the family is divided when it comes to sports teams. Brandon is not only a rabid sports fan, he is an intensely rabid UNC-Chapel Hill sports fan. Mandy says, “We watch a lot of St. Louis Cardinals baseball, Green Bay football, and UNC EVERYTHING!” The difficulty is her oldest son is a Duke fan and Mandy is a UVA-Charlottesville fan so there can be conflicts in scheduling. The family attends a lot of sporting events and travels to Chapel Hill and Charlottesville to catch basketball and football games.

When they are not at ball games on the weekends, Mandy’s family loves backyard grilling and hanging out with friends and family.

Back on the subject of work, Mandy says, “My co-workers make coming to work fun and I’m thankful for each of them. I can say I’m a pretty lucky girl to have such an awesome family and work family!”

We think we’re pretty lucky, too, Mandy, to have you around.